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For a long time, you had to use bubble plastic wraps, air pillows, or peanuts to protect your valuables during shipping. You now can wrap your valuables with the assurance of protection without the shame of plastic. The honeycomb paper rolls are a biodegradable and innovative cushioning kraft paper. The honeycomb paper wrap degrades in around 120 days, and the raw components are FSC-certified.


Honeycomb paper rolls are the spectacular option when you need the molding and protection of traditional bubble wrap, but want something far more sustainable and beautiful. It is made of Kraft paper- fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Honeycomb paper rolls are easy to utilize alternative to bubble wrap to add padding and protection. A little tug on the roll activates the honeycomb and you are ready to wrap. Honeycomb paper wrap is available in a variety of different colors to to help personalize your package, creating a protective visually appealing box or mailer filler that also helps to protect your item during shipment. Made from kraft paper, this product is both 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


Simply tear the required size from the honeycomb paper rolls and twist it, squeezing gently to "fill" the object for better protection. Our honeycomb paper wrap is ideal for packaging fragile or delicate things such as glassware, vases, plates, pottery, and so on, to keep items intact and secure from colliding and shattering. Packaging paper can also be used to cover gaps between objects and the moving box to keep belongings from shifting during travel.


How to use honeycomb paper rolls?

Figure out how much packing paper you'll need to protect the item properly. Tear or cut the necessary amount of packing paper off the roll.

Wrap your item in packing paper until it is well protected. Depending on the fragility of the object, this may require wrapping it in one or more layers of packing paper.

Stuff packing paper into things (such as cups, mugs, and glasses). This will safeguard the entire thing and prevent it from shattering.

To keep the packing paper in place, secure it with string.

As you put things in moving boxes, make sure to use extra paper to fill in any empty spaces. This will keep objects from moving while in transportation.

Honeycomb Paper Rolls


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