Bubble Bag Roll (BBW)

A roll of bubble bags with cross perforation line between individuals.

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Standard Shape


Standard Sizes

Individual Bag W x H
(in.) (mm)
4 x 7102 x 178
5 x 6127 x 152
7.5 x 7.5191 x 191
6 x 8152 x 203
8 x 11203 x 279
9 x 12229 x 305
12 x 12305 x 305
12 x 15305 x 381

* Other sizes customizable.

Bags per roll (bpr)

* Flap length = 1.57" or 40 mm
* Roll W = Bag H + flap length
* Roll L = Bag W x bpr


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    1. Convenience of bubble bag

    - Quick and easy-to-use bubble bags/pouches on a roll, tear as you use - no scissors needed.

    - Bag shape helps simplify packing process, eliminate guesswork and wasteful overwrapping, optimise material usage.

    - 3rd web bubble available, so products can slide easily over smooth inner surface - ideal for electronics etc.

    - 40mm flap with peel and seal closure - no extra tape needed.

    - Cross perforation line between individual bags.

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    2. Advantage of Beta’s unique Barrier Bubble

    - 10-layer co-extruded barrier bubble - with extra nylon layers inserted, our film has better air retention property than conventional ones, as nylon is denser and can significantly reduce air leak, providing better cushioning performance.

    - Compared with traditional bubble, better cushioning performance (under the same external conditions) means using 30% less material, thus can effectively reduce carbon emission and be cost-saving.

    - Allows for multiple times of reuse as maximum air is retained.

    - Recovers better than paper cushioning after impact.

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    3. Raw material is highly customizable

    - Usually 15% resin is from recycled content. The percentage of recycled content is customisable to your request - using recycled resins from post-industrial/customer sources.

    - Also available in anti-static formulation upon request.


Material: LDPE, TIE, Nylon

Colour: Transparent/ green/ pink/ blue etc

Bubble heights: 1.0 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 / 3.5 mm

Bubble diameters: 10.0 mm

Flap shape: Rectangle

Flap length: 1.57 inch or 40 mm

Seal: Peel & seal

Adhesive: Hot melt


Application Suggestions

Wrapping use suggested, combined with an outer box for shipping.

* Small bubble: Best for small, lightweight items. Ideally suited for interleaving between products.
E.g. electronic components, jewellery, light stationary/ cosmetics/ kitchenware etc

* Medium bubble: Surface protection, shock absorption and void-fill
E.g. heavier electronic products, books, heavier stationary /cosmetics / kitchenware etc

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • Cosmetics.png


  • Electronics.png


  • Jewelry.png


  • Stationary & books.png

    Stationary & books

  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ chemicals

  • Breakables like glass products.png

    Breakables like glass products, china etc.


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