Cold Chain

Our products from cold chain series aim to protect products from temperature changes up to 24 hours while minimising void and damage through out their distribution journey.

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Either our paper or plastic roll from Beta’s W series safeguards your products during transit - designed to provide maximum cushioning and surface protection effect.

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Padded Mailing

Beta’s padded mailers are ideal for more semi to very fragile items, they are designed to be tough on the outside, while providing protective cushioning on the inside.

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Non-Padded Mailing

Tough, economical and efficient for non-fragile items, no need for corrugated carton or extra packing material.

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21 series of cushioning packages

Can provide variouschoice and equipped service.

Aluminum Film Fireproof Bag

The Battery Bag is to meet the request of the growing need for safe transportation on the market. Its use aluminum Foil film laminated special fireproof materials to protect your valuables such as documents, folders, cash, jewelry, photos, Lipo battery and any other valuables prevent damage effectively. In our construction of The Battery Bag, with the function of heat insulation and high temperature resistance .We developed a proprietary heat-mitigating material to ensure the highest level of quality and safety on the market.

Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer (PR)

Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer (PR) is An all-paper padded mailer with slit-expanded 3D honeycomb structure - Betas proudly patented invention.


About Us

Over 20 years of experience in packaging industry.

Beta Package Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. Over the past 20 years, we have been adhering our 4 core values - integrity, innovation, win-win and sustainability. We are constantly dedicated to the research & development of cushioning packaging products and their manufacturing facilities, and have become one of the manufacturers who can provide the most comprehensive range of cushioning packaging solutions in the world.

Our plants have strong production capacity that are able to produce about 1 billion envelopes annually, with total area 60,000 m². We are adapted to respond quickly to urgent queries, and are able to provide stable and reliable delivery for large volumes. We also have excellent product and manufacturing equipment development team - in daily production, we keep an eye on any inadequacy in the production process or equipment, try to improve and upgrade constantly. We currently hold 35 product and equipment technology patents worldwide.



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We are constantly dedicated to the research & development of cushioning packaging products and their manufacturing facilities.


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