Aluminum Film Fireproof Bag

The Battery Bag is to meet the request of the growing need for safe transportation on the market. Its use aluminum Foil film laminated special fireproof materials to protect your valuables such as documents, folders, cash, jewelry, photos, Lipo battery and any other valuables prevent damage effectively. In our construction of The Battery Bag, with the function of heat insulation and high temperature resistance .We developed a proprietary heat-mitigating material to ensure the highest level of quality and safety on the market.

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Standard Shape


Standard Sizes

W x H
 9.0  x 12.0229 x 305
10.0 x 13.0254 x 330
12.0 x 16.0305 x 407


Lithium battery explosion-proof bag professional flame retardant high temperature resistant battery storage bag


-Safe guard batteries during charging, transit and storage.

-Portable and foldable, widely used in indoor and outdoor.

-Designed to protect users far away from the danger of battery fire and explosion.

-Great for types of LiPo battery, such as RC toys, drones, cameras, DSLR, power bank etc.

Application Suggestions

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