Honeycomb Paper Rolls (HPW)

Slit expanded 3D honeycomb paper rolls - a more environmentally responsible packaging choice than traditional bubbles.

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Standard Shape


Standard Sizes

(in.) (mm)

* Other roll widths customizable to your need.

Roll length
(ft.) (m)

* Other roll lengths customizable to your need.


A more environmentally responsible wrapping choice than traditional plastic-derivatives.

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    1. Unique 3D honeycomb structure

    - Die cut slit expanded kraft paper can stretch into 3D honeycomb structure, forming a unique wrapping layer.

    - Conforms to any shape - flexible and shock absorbing.

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    2. Advantage of paper

    - Made from durable natural kraft paper, 100% curbside recyclable, completely biodegradable in soil.

    - An eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble wrap.

    - Tear as you use, no need to cut.

    - Aesthetically pleasing in the packaging box when end users are unboxing, therefore complement your environmentally friendly brand values.

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    3. Other features

    - Different roll widths compatible with commonly used machines to be place at office/home for everyday packaging use.

    - Save storage cost and space compared with traditional air inflated bubble wraps, as only stretch when you use.

Why Must You Invest On The Honeycomb Paper Wrap and Paper Rolls?

The packaging industry has witnessed a tremendous change and producing products that endure safe and secure transportation of goods. It helps businesses of different sizes and industries in several ways to improve their brand name. If you are searching for the right destination to purchase the latest cushioning and eco-friendly packaging products, you can join hands with us. 

We are the leading packaging company offering varieties of packaging solutions at an affordable rate. We intend to enhance and upgrade the packaging solutions constantly. We have come up with many new packaging solutions with the latest technologies and facilities. Among them, Honeycomb Paper Wrap is gaining more popularity. You can also switch to honeycomb paper rolls if you want the best solution. It is the best option to promote sustainability. You can reach us and get a quality paper roll at the best cost.

Protection : It acts as an excellent alternative for bubble roll wrap.  

1. The manufacturer makes it with recycled paper that is completely bio-degradable. 

2. Eco-friendly packaging is the best option for the packaging industry. 

3. You can get it with a honeycomb-style pattern on the surface. 

4. Paper roll brings perfect cushioning around the product and stunning protection during transfer. 

This packaging solution accesses less paper in its production process. Thus, it has become a great invention and helps protect the environment. Even though it is lightweight, it renders superior strength and stiffness compared to other packaging solutions. It ensures a greater level of protection with its buffer and shock-absorbing capacity. These things help you achieve reliable and safe transport of goods.


Material: Kraft paper

Colour: Natural brown/ white/ black

Grammage: 80 - 140 gsm

Stretch ratio: 1 : 1.36


Application Suggestions

Wrapping use suggested, combined with an outer box for shipping.

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • Cosmetics.png


  • Electronics.png


  • Jewelry.png


  • Stationary & books.png

    Stationary & books

  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ chemicals

  • Breakables like glass products.png

    Breakables like glass products, china etc.


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