Corrugated Paper Rolls (CPW)

Single-faced B flute Corrugated Paper Rolls to protect your breakables.

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Standard Shape


Standard Sizes

(in.) (mm)

* Other roll widths customizable to your need.

Roll length
(ft.) (m)

* Other roll lengths customizable to your need.
* Other flute types available upon request


A more environmentally responsible wrapping choice than traditional plastic-derivatives.

  • IMG_1906.png
    1. 3D fluting structure

    - B fluting (raised 1/8”) for easier wrapping and higher crush resistance.

  • IMG_1913.png
    2. Advantage of paper

    - Made from durable natural kraft paper, 100% curbside recyclable, completely biodegradable in soil.

    - An eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble wrap.

    - Tear as you use, no need to cut.

    - Aesthetically pleasing in the packaging box when end users are unboxing, therefore complement your environmentally friendly brand values.

Buy a Corrugated Paper Rolls To Ensure Safe Packaging!

Are you searching for the right packaging solution to render cushioning and ultimate protection for your items? Well! You can go with the Corrugated paper rolls. It safeguards your products from dents, scrapes and scratches greatly. This product is an excellent option for small to big companies.

Since the product is designed to absorb shock by deforming and crushing, you do not worry about safety anymore. You can save more on the packaging and shipping costs effectively. It is an eco-friendly, durable and low-cost packaging solution that ensures the packaging quality to the core and enhances your brand name.

Perks of Using Corrugated Paper Rolls

1. Corrugated packaging is the common and inexpensive option available in the market. It is incredibly lightweight, and thus it lowers the shipping costs. It is also recyclable and reused whenever required.

2. This packaging solution is highly customizable so you can use it according to your needs. You can even opt for printing and graphics to effectively promote your brand and products. This package comes in different sizes and shapes.

3. Compared to other packaging solutions and materials, it is great for storage and stacking. The stacking strength and cushioning quality prevent product damage during transit.

Whenever you need the best Corrugated paper rolls, you can contact us. Our team will help to meet your demands within your budget. We use the latest technology and material to design this custom packaging solution. It helps your business in many ways to move forward and achieve success. 


Material: Kraft paper

Colour: Natural brown/white

Grammage: 80 - 140 gsm

Flute: B flute, single face


Application Suggestions

Wrapping use suggested, combined with an outer box for shipping.

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • Cosmetics.png


  • Electronics.png


  • Stationary & books.png

    Stationary & books

  • cddvd.png


  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ chemicals

  • Breakables like glass products.png

    Breakables like glass products, china etc.


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