Utility Mailer (S)

Utility Mailer is a secure strong kraft padded mailers to protect your important documents.

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Standard Shape


Standard Sizes

W x H + flap
S17.25 x 12 + 1.4184 x 305 + 35
S28.5 x 12 + 1.4216 x 305 + 35
S38.5 x 14.5 + 1.4216 x 368 + 35
S49.5 x 14.5 + 1.4241 x 368 + 35
S510.5 x 16 + 1.4267 x 406 + 35
S612.5 x 19 + 1.6318 x 483 + 40
S714.25 x 20 + 2.0362 x 508 + 50

* Available in 7 sizes.
* All refer to inner/usable dimensions.
* Other sizes upon request.


Utility Mailer is a secure strong kraft padded mailers to protect your important documents.

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    1. Advantage of paper

    - Made from durable kraft paper. 100% curbside recyclable, completely biodegradable in soil.

    - Heavy-duty kraft provides stiffness and protection against puncture and tear.

    - Kraft paper offers excellent surface for custom printing and complement your environmentally friendly brand values.

    - Non-toxic, water-based ink provides more positive environmental value.

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    2. Bag shape/ other features

    - Double-fold opening makes sliding things in easier and protect itself from tearing, while double-fold bottom improves corner and edge protection.

    - 1 horizontal self seal strip: convenient yet secure peel and seal closure for speed and ease of packing;

    - 1 vertical tear strip for easy opening, and after the strip is torn, an extended inner lip prevents things to slide out even the envelope is upside down.

    - Reduces freight cost, minimizes warehouse storage space and make inventory logistics easier.

Buy Quality Utility Mailer Online At An Affordable Price

Mailer is one of the packaging envelopes which keep the product secure. It is perfectly suitable for small-sized and medium-sized products requiring extra security. If you want to send a tender document, there is no better option than a utility mailer. It covers the item in the protective layer of materials through plastic or cardboard.  The protective wrapping shields goods not in favour of the harm at the transport. If the item is at risk of accidental injury, it must stay protected while transiting. We use cutting-edge technologies and quality materials to create the utility envelope. We will deliver the product on time without compromising the quality.

Characteristics of our utility mailer

You should choose the correct packaging method to impress the customer when running an online business. The buyer first sees the quality of the packaging, so it is vital to use the best envelope. Having utility wraps create a good reputation in the market. Books and other items stay secure inside the package because it has double-glued bottom flaps.

Order utility mailer in bulk

Our utility mailer is a hundred per cent biodegradable, so it is safe for the environment. If you need these packaging items for your business, you can order multiple mailers and get discounts. It will help you to save money on the envelope and use that fund in other core activities. We provide a smooth surface for custom printing and balance the eco-friendly value. The envelope offers excellent stiffness and security against the tear. 


Materials: Kraft paper

Colour: Outside white; Inside brown

Grammage: 175 gsm

Printing: Flexo with water-based ink

Flap shape: Trapezium

Flap length: Variable to bag sizes

Seal: 1 Peel & seal + 1 tear strip

Adhesive: Hot melt


Application Suggestions

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • clothing.png

    Clothing & textiles

  • Stationary & books.png



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