Poly Mailers (PM)

Poly Mailers is the tough but lightweight classic PE envelopes.

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Standard Shapes

1. Without bottom gusset


2. With bottom gusset


Standard Sizes

W x H
PM16.0 x 9.0152 x 229
PM27.5 x 10.5191 x 267
PM39.0 x 12.4229 x 305
PM410.0 x 13.0254 x 330
PM512.0 x 15.5305 x 394
PM614.5 x 19.0368 x 483
PM719.0 x 24.0483 x 610
PM824.0 x 24.0610 x 610

* Available in 8 sizes.
* Bottom gusset length (L) usually is 3.9" or 100mm.
* All refer to inner/usable dimensions.
* Other sizes upon request.

* Flap type options



Poly Mailers is the tough but lightweight classic PE envelopes.

  • IMG_2653.png
    1. Anyways, this Poly Mailers have some advantages of plastic …

    - 3 or 5 layers co-extruded PE film is water/oil-proof therefore keeps product dry and safe, also provides abrasion protection.


    - Welded, high strength seams are tear-proof and leak resistant.


    - Lightweight, saves on shipping and warehouse storage cost.


    - Smooth outer surface can adhere ink/stamps/labels easily.

  • IMG_2663.png
    2. Bag shape/ other main features

    - 2 adhesive self seal strips + 1 tear strip: convenient peel and seal closure for speed and ease of packing, and after the end customer tears open the package and wants to return the good, he/she can reseal with the second adhesive strip

    - no extra tape needed, less mess and more time-saving.

    -An eco-friendly choice, this product has passed GRS and PCR. The PCR poly mailer/GRS poly mailer can be Curbside Recycle.


    - Self-seal closure is safe and tamper-resistant.


    - Perforated lines for tear strip option is available to facilitate opening.


    - Opacity of the mailer ensures privacy and security of the inside item.


Material: 3 or 5 layers co-extruded PE film

Colours: Outside white inside grey (default); Other colours customizable

Thickness: 2/ 2.35/ 2.5 mil

Printing: Copperplate/ Intaglio printing

Flap shape: Rectangle

Flap length: 1.6” or 40mm

Seal: 1 Peel & seal; Perforation line/ tear strip customizable

Adhesive: Hot melt


Application Suggestions

* Ideal for non-fragile items.
* For more fragile items, combined use with box is suggested.

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • clothing.png

    Clothing & textiles

  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ prescriptions

  • Stationary & books.png


  • Cosmetics.png

    Cosmetics (boxed for better protection)


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