Security Bag (PMS)

Security Bag (PMS) is a Tamper evident cash / logistic bag.

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Standard Shapes


Standard Sizes

W x H
PMS16.0 x 9.0152 x 229
PMS29.0 x 12.0229 x 305
PMS310.0 x 13.0254 x 330

* Available in 3 sizes.
* Flap length is 1.8" or 46mm.
* All refer to inner/usable dimensions.
* Other sizes upon request.


Security Bag (PMS) is a Tamper evident cash / logistic bag.

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    1. Bag shape/ unique features

    - Self-seal closure is safe and tamper-resistant: once it is being sealed and tried to open, hidden marks like VOID/VOIDOPEN will be left on the surface to show that opening has been attempted; special adhesive also makes restoration by heat or water impossible.

    - Welded, high strength seams are tear-proof and leak resistant.

    - Opacity of the mailer ensures privacy and security of the item inside, or transparent option is available for showing cash, coins etc.

    - Bag bottom features a dotted line for the receiver to cut open once the item is being received.

    - Smooth outer writable surface can adhere ball pen ink easily.

    - Each bag has a unique barcode and serial number for scanning/ convenient tracking, as well as a peel-off receipt strip for signature and date.

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    2. Some advantages of plastic …

    - Our security bags are manufactured with highest quality co-extruded PE film and high level security tape on flap;

    - Therefore assuring the most demanding handling and strength to hold heavy content inside from breaking.


Material: Co-extruded PE film (LDPE)

Colours: Opaque (outside white inside grey) or transparent

Thickness: 2.35 mil

Printing: Copperplate/ Intaglio printing

Flap shape: Rectangle

Flap length: 1.8” or 45mm

Seal: 1 tamper-indicating peel & seal strip

Adhesive: High strength hot melt with release film


Application Suggestions

* Ideal for highly confidential/ valuables.

  • Express/ logistics

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    Bank(cash/documents)/ Airport(duty free)/ Police(documents)

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    Governments and elections


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