Kraft Bubble Mailers (PS)

Kraft Bubble Mailers (PS) is a classic padded mailer made from barrier bubble (inside) laminated with kraft paper (outside). Basic office products make the office operate normally and maintain productivity. Our extensive product promotion is suitable for family or business offices. We are the leading packaging products manufacturers in China. We provide high -quality kraft envelope at the wholesale price, which will not damage your bottom line.

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Standard Shapes

* 2-side seal + folded bottom

- Mainly for USA, Japan, Australian market.


* 3-side seal

- Mainly for European market.


* Flap types


Standard Sizes

W x H
PS0004.0 x 7.0102 x 178
PS005.0 x 9.0127 x 229
PS06.0 x 9.0152 x 229
PS17.25 x 11.0184 x 279
PS28.5 x 11.0216 x 279
PS38.5 x 13.5216 x 343
PS49.5 x 13.5241 x 343
PS510.5 x 15267 x 381
PS612.5 x 18.0318 x 457
PS714.25 x 19362 x 483
PSCD7.0 x 7.25178 x 184

* Available in 11 sizes.
* Other sizes upon request.
* All refer to inner/usable dimensions.
* Usual flap length is 1.6" or 40mm.

* Cross Sectional Structure



Kraft Bubble Mailers (PS) is a classic padded mailer made from barrier bubble (inside) laminated with kraft paper (outside). Fully laminated kraft paper and consistent air bubble structure provide outstanding strength and puncture resistance.

  • 2.jpg
    1.Beta’s unique Barrier Bubble

    - Beta’s 10-layer co-extruded barrier bubble - with extra nylon layers inserted, our film has better air retention property than conventional ones, as nylon is denser and can significantly reduce air leak, providing better cushioning performance.

    - Compared with traditional bubble, better cushioning performance (under the same external conditions) means using 30% less material, thus can effectively reduce carbon emission and be cost-saving.

    - Allows for multiple times of reuse as maximum air is retained.

  • IMG_2354.png
    2. Other features

    - Convenient yet secure peel and seal closure for speed and ease of packing.

    - Seamless/ folded bottom provides additional cushioning and greater overall protecting strength on all sides.

    - Kraft paper offers excellent surface for custom printing, and together with non-toxic/water-based ink, these all helps complement your environmentally friendly brand value.

  • 1.jpg
    3. Special version - bag in bag PS

    - Same structure and function as fully laminated PS.

    - Designed for ease of recycling: non-coated kraft paper only glued with bubble layer near the opening and bottom (instead of fully laminated), so that you can tear them separate at the point of recycling.


Materials: Outside - kraft paper (PE-coated on one side);

                  Inside - barrier bubble - LDPE,TIE, nylon

Colour: Golden yellow/ white
              other colours upon request

Grammage: 80 - 110 gsm

Printing: Flexo with water-based ink

Flap shape: Rectangle or trapezium

Flap length: 1.6"(40mm)

Seal: 1 peel & seal strip; 

          others customizable - see flap type options above

Adhesive: Hot melt

Bubble heights: 1.0 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 / 3.5 mm

Bubble diameter: 10.0 mm


* 2.5 or 2.8 mm bubble heights are common for European and US market; 1.0mm for Japanese market.
* Bubble height is critical factor to consider not only for cushioning use, also it impacts the freight cost, as bubble height decides the quantity of mailers each container can hold.

Application Suggestions

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • clothing.png

    Clothing & textiles

  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ prescriptions

  • Stationary & books.png


  • Cosmetics.png


  • Electronics.png


  • Jewelry.png



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