Poly Bubble Mailers (PB)

Poly Bubble Mailers is a bubble mailer made from poly film laminated with barrier bubble.

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Standard Shape

* 2-side seal + folded bottom
* No bubble on flap


* Cross Sectional Structure


Standard Sizes

W x H
PB0004.0 x 7.0102 x 178
PB005.0 x 9.0127 x 229
PB06.0 x 9.0152 x 229
PB17.25 x 11.0184 x 279
PB28.5 x 11.0216 x 279
PB38.5 x 13.5216 x 343
PB49.5 x 13.5241 x 343
PB510.5 x 15267 x 381
PB612.5 x 18.0318 x 457
PB714.25 x 19362 x 483
PBCD7.0 x 7.25178 x 184

* Available in 11 sizes.
* Other sizes upon request.
* All refer to inner/usable dimensions.
* Usual flap length is 1.6" or 40mm.

* Flap types



Poly Bubble Mailers is a bubble mailer made from poly film laminated with barrier bubble.

  • 2.jpg
    1.Beta's unique Barrier Bubble

    - Beta’s 10-layer co-extruded barrier bubble - with extra nylon layers inserted, our film has better air retention property than conventional ones, as nylon is denser and can significantly reduce air leak, providing better cushioning performance.

    - Compared with traditional bubble, better cushioning performance (under the same external conditions) means using 30% less material, thus can effectively reduce carbon emission and be cost-saving.

    - Allows for multiple times of reuse as maximum air is retained.

  • IMG_2017.png
    2. Structural features

    - Most commonly used bubble mailers, with water-resistent and tear-proof 3 layer co-extruded PE film exterior that has excellent malleability.

    - Strong PE film and consistent air bubble structure provide outstanding strength and puncture resistance, making the bag flexible and soft yet strong enough to hold odd-shaped/ sharp-edged objects.

    - Made from 100% PE, therefore 100% recyclable.

  • IMG_1985.png
    3. Other/ bag shape features

    - Convenient yet secure peel and seal closure for speed and ease of packing.

    - Seamless/ folded bottom provides additional cushioning and greater overall protecting strength on all sides.

    - Can be used as a custom mailing bag.Smooth surface PE film provides is perfect for handwriting or labeling.

    - An eco-friendly choice, this product has passed GRS and PCR. The PCR bubble mailer/GRS bubble mailer can be Curbside Recycle.

    - As Curbside Recyclable Padded Mailer Using eco-friendly material.


Materials: Outside - co-extruded PE film (outside colourful inside grey);

                  Inside - barrier bubble (LDPE,TIE, nylon)

Colour: Outside: white/ red/ black/ blue/ purple/ green;
              Inside: gray (default) or customisable

Printing: Copperplate/ intaglio printing

Flap shape: Rectangle 

Flap length: 1.6" or 40mm

Seal: 1 peel & seal strip; 

          others customizable - see flap type options above

Adhesive: Hot melt

Bubble heights: 1.0 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 8.0 mm

Bubble diameter: 10.0 / 25.0 mm


Application Suggestions

  • Express/ logistics/ e-commerce

  • clothing.png

    Clothing & textiles

  • Medicine chemicals.png

    Medicine/ prescriptions

  • Stationary & books.png


  • cddvd.png


  • Cosmetics.png


  • Electronics.png


  • Jewelry.png



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